Interior Design Trends with Wellbeing at Heart

As people are spending more time at home, Interior Design has been brought to the forefront now more than ever, and Designers are increasingly aware of the importance of well-being in the home as we search high and low for the best fixtures and finishes for your Interior Design projects.

Even with the more ‘obvious’ trends, slight nuances in shape, scale and material make each and every piece so individual among differing environments. Try experimenting and adapting these trends so that they suit your style and desired look and feel in order to create warm, relaxing surroundings which settle your psyche!

Natural fibres, leather and textiles are popular for those wanting to bring the outdoors in and are often more durable. Timbers, wools, sisals and linens bring a sense of warmth and honesty to a scheme. The biophilia trend has been a preferred style now year upon year and it shows no signs of disappearing. Organic shapes, eco-friendly products and the use of green, sandy and warm and earthly tones such as pink and darker, more muted colours, are all easy ways to adopt this trend within your home.

Add texture to otherwise boring walls with 3D slats or reeds, or semi-textured wall finishes such as vinyl wall coverings. Texture design has come a long way over the last few years. Glass panes have become fluted, tiles have taken a tactile twist and now it’s the turn of furniture to get involved. Cabinets, wardrobes, sideboards, drawers and desks are shunning flat fronts, smooth doors and level panels in favour of something a little more decorative.

Open plan living (and also broken plan living) can be played with, allowing light to flood your home. Opening up doesn’t necessarily mean that you lose that cosy feeling. Opt for cocooning furniture, with chubby styles and warm boucle or faux fur fabrics. Play with the norm and be brave in your choices.

Indulge that bit further with some 5G home tech, sure to make those restful winter evenings that little bit cosier, take temperature controls and mood lighting for example. Wellness bathrooms with spa shower fittings and boutique finishes will also bring your focus back to your well-being and the importance of nurturing your comfort.

Provencal style has recently been brought up to date by combining minimal white interiors with rustic natural accents thus echoing some of the South of France’s most beautiful locations and taking us on a trip to those rolling lavender filled hills. This honesty and integrity goes hand in hand with what we call ‘Cottagecore’ – likening our homes to tranquil country abodes, filling kitchen worktops with all the homeware we could think of, and lounges with blankets and baskets. Danes have been living in this feeling for years through a concept called ‘Hygge’ which refers to finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things such as a cosy atmosphere.

When it comes to accessorising your home, stick to ornaments which instil that level of calm which you so desire in the fast-paced world we live in today. Think rustic and natural, warm and cosy, honest and raw. Archaeological artefacts and displays are very on trend right now, and nod to nature in its simple form.

Combine found objects and textured materials alongside miniature sculptural forms to create an intriguing display whilst sticking to a primitive neutral palette. Marbling also runs along the same ilk but is a different take on bringing the outside in so pick a style to suit your personality. Nature makes us feel good and benefits our health. Go on, dive in!